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GDB Technologies is a software development and consulting firm based in Pune, India. We started our journey in 2012, and continue to grow with new innovations all the while venturing into various industry domains.

We are a team of highly talented and motivated engineers, passionate about coding and technology, who have always delivered on-time with outstanding quality and thrived in high-pressure environments developing modern, critical and complex software.

Along with technology, our team adheres to practices that bring in consistency and predictability ensuring quality and professional communication.

Our core values of quality, knowledge, integrity and reliability drives everything we do. With an emphasis on building a strong and technically diligent team, we have worked with our growing clientele on a number of critical products and the latest technologies.


Shailesh Gokhale

Shailesh brings with him a vast experience in cross platform framework development in technologies like web browsers, push email, instant messaging, enterprise application development, and MDM/MAM solutions.

Having worked with clients ranging from small technology start-ups to world leading mobile handset manufacturers, he has the expertise in understanding the product development life cycle and delivering software on time with exceptional quality and knows what it takes to ship a product that clicks with the users.


Sameet Burde

Having started his career developing graphically intensive games on early Symbian devices, Sameet has had the experience of working closely with OEMs and operators on a number of products and varying technologies. He has  designed and implemented software ranging from native application development to WebKit and Chromium based cross-platform browser development, Server-side (full stack) application development to hybrid application development using web technologies for enterprises.


Bhushan Mahindrakar

Bhushan is heading our entire Business development efforts. Having background of managing sales and marketing function since many years, he has brought his expertise focusing on lead generation, new account management and steering end to end sales cycle.



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GDB Technologies encourages you to take that next step.

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