WannaCry and Petya ransomware affected more than 300,000 computers and estimated damages of up to 4 billion USD.

Information is a critical asset for every organization and hence the information security market is booming. New threats are being reported every day and are becoming more targeted and focused on data and information theft making data protection the topmost priority.

Organizations need advanced cyber security solutions which identify and prevent attacks, and are easy to deploy and integrate. Basic security solutions only alert IT admins about the breach with detailed reports but fail to protect data in real time.

As a technology partner, GDB Technologies helps companies develop next generation security solutions to detect and prevent advanced attacks.

GDB Technologies has extensive experience working on many of Gartner’s top security technologies for 2017 which continue to stay relevant today, giving us an edge over competitors. We have been working with companies in developing their cyber security solutions which include:

Web Isolation

Endpoint Detection & Response

Cryptographic Signing

Web Application Firewall

Serverless Security

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