Open Source Software has become the de-facto way to build software solutions. They play a critical role in the ability of most organizations to deliver products and services to customers successfully. Open source software also boosts innovation and helps build stable and secure solutions.

At GDB Technologies, we are strong believers of giving back to the open source community and also understand that software development is best approached within an active community that contributes, thinks, innovates and fosters progress together. Our extensive experience in web technologies and browser development allows our engineers to contribute to open source projects; developing new features and fixing bugs on existing features.

Some of our notable contribution to Open Source Software :

Our engineers have worked on the apache pagespeed module (earlier known as google pagespeed). PageSpeed represents a series of open-source technologies to help make the web faster by rewriting web pages to reduce latency and bandwidth. Apart from adding new features and fixing bugs, our team also interacts with PageSpeed users on the PageSpeed forum to solve their issues and help them set up PageSpeed correctly on their servers.


Our engineers have worked and contributed to the WebKit ( project. Contributions were mainly in the area of Memory Management, HTML5 forms module and the Fourway navigation / Spatial Navigation features.


We have worked on Master Webview which is a web page compositor based on the open source Chromium project. Master Webview arranges browser tabs as html elements in a container webpage.

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