Remy is an ideal event and reminder solution that helps you manage all your family tasks, social tasks, and official tasks seamlessly.

With today’s rushed life it’s easy to forget little things. With so many little details to remember each day, those big and special events are sometimes forgotten.  Luckily for us technology has stepped in to help out and the Remy app is here to jog your minds

With Remy you can plan a movie with your bunch of friends by just initiating an event into Remy and adding the invite list, and the Remy will check the availability of all the contacts in the invite list, until the invitation is confirmed. Not just this, you can even book the tickets along with lunch/dinner reservation if you wish to through the app.

Apart from this, the Remy can be used to set reminders for tasks on private one to one basis too and is also useful in workplaces where it can be easily integrated with workflows like Trello/git and task tracking systems.

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