Web Isolation

Take the advantage of safe browsing with our Web Isolation solutions. We host the virtualization assets outside the organization’s firewall, thus preventing the device/network from a direct malware attack, for you to have a smooth browsing journey ahead.

  • Complete Data Security: BYOD can be implemented and practiced in organizations with an assurance of complete data security. For a user or employee accessing sensitive data from outside the network using his/her own device, the data will not be physically downloaded onto the user’s device, hence automatically securing the data access.
  • No entry to untrusted data: Every web page being loaded is a potential security risk in the form of a malware source. Our Web Isolation solutions lets you browse the web without letting the web content enter your device/network.
  • Unbelievable performance: The intensive tasks of parsing, layout and rendering of web pages is done on the virtualization asset or the server, resulting in a visible boost in speed and performance. The client application will itself be thin and lightweight, will not cache data locally saving device space.
  • No compromise on data: While the data and the user’s devices are secured by this solution, the user is not deprived of major web content like multimedia – video, audio – which will be streamed with little or no loss of quality.
  • Save Cost: Saves complete 100% cost on security software like website filters in situations where malware is the chief concern and at the same time allows full web access. The actual data does not flow across the network which removes the need for VPN solutions for accessing the isolated web browser completely saving the licensing and network administration costs.

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