Information is a critical asset for any organization and it needs to be protected  from being accessed or altered by an unauthorised party. At the same time the authorised receiving party needs to make sure that the origin of the information or data is authentic and that the data has not been altered while in transit. Our expertise in the development of cryptographic signing technology enables organizations to allow data access only to authorized parties while maintaining

  • Confidentiality
  • Data integrity
  • Authentication
  • Non-repudiation

GDB Technologies helps you develop your own multi-purpose cryptographic signing technology which will be massively scalable with applications in a wide range of domains.

Transaction Signing

Transaction signing technology ensures digital accountability potentially for all kinds of electronic transactions which need a strong and secure correlation to an identity including banking transactions, digital communications, bill payments, approvals and so on.

Transaction signing, which is mainly used in the Banking and Financial industries to secure all financial transactions, prevents modification of your online transaction details from various malicious attacks.

GDB Technologies helps you develop transaction signing solutions which secure all electronic transactions while simplifying and improving user experience.

Using our expertise in cryptographic signing, we ensure rapid development and deployment of your solutions while saving on maintenance cost by replacing multiple independent technologies that are used to achieve the same goal.

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