Such is the clout of e-commerce that digital gadgets have a great impact on employees while at work. Individual employees prefer getting their own device (BYOD) for work as they are convenient to use and allow access to work outside of their office. BYOD brings many benefits for employees, but while being convenient, privacy and data security needs to be maintained and controlled. This is where MDM and MAM come into picture.

GDB Technologies develops Mobile Device Management solutions to effectively manage and control the entire mobile device and all enterprise-registered applications within the device. We also develop Mobile Application Management solution which is similar to MDM, except it is only applied to specific applications on a device instead of the entire device.

Mobile Device Management

Our expertise in Mobile Device Management (MDM) will help you in the administration of all mobile devices across the enterprise and in delivering enterprise applications to devices while securing the apps and data.

Using MDM, enterprises can do the following:

  • Enforce corporate policies at device level
  • Isolate corporate sensitive data
  • Wipe off remote data of a lost/stolen device
  • Restrict/allow device features such as Bluetooth, camera, speaker, nfc etc. using geo-fencing and time-fencing
  • Provide security to emails and documents on devices

Mobile Application Management

Mobile Application Management (MAM) enables enterprises to provide application-level management on employee’s devices.

Mobile Application Management (MAM) helps in the following:

    • Enforce policies at application level
    • Secure and Manage Enterprise Applications on devices
    • Limit data sharing between Apps
    • Protect corporate data
    • Restrict/allow use of apps using Geo-fencing and time-fencing

Increase MDM/MAM adoption through our solution
While the BYOD trend promises many benefits, certain existing solutions and approaches need adoption and enforcement of enterprise security policies on the employee’s personal devices. People are mostly resistant to installing software and policies on their personal devices that potentially change the user experience as well as curb their freedom when using their devices especially outside their office premises.

GDB Technologies has developed a solution that integrates Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacons with MDM policies. This integration ensures that MDM policies will be triggered only when the user is in the corporate premises and withdrawn the user leaves the premises. This integration will not only allow MDM policies to be widely accepted by a user, but will also secure the corporate assets and information, improve user experience and address the sensitive issues of privacy which other technologies like geolocations bring.

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