Endpoint Detection & Response is focused on providing real-time endpoint visibility across enterprise networks with the right insights to help security analysts and administrators detect, investigate and respond to advanced threats.

EDR tools record various network events or endpoints and store this information locally on the endpoints or in centralized databases where behavioural analytics, machine learning techniques and databases of known impairment indicators (IOCs) are used to continuously search for information to identify failures (including internal threats) and to respond quickly to those attacks.

The market for EDR solutions is growing rapidly to meet the most effective protection needs by detecting and reacting more quickly to failures.

At GDB Technologies, we develop real time EDR solutions, where our expertise in the information security domain helps us successfully implement critical EDR features. We help you develop EDR solutions that enable easy querying, provide visual representations, and the ability to respond quickly to threat alerts.

Below are some of the modules and features in this domain where GDB Technologies have experience in and can help develop solutions that adapt to your needs, growth, and security status.

Real-Time Information

Natural Language Query Processing

Visual Representations of Detected Threat

Integration with endpoint tools

Scalability and Reliability

Secure Service API

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