In today’s virtualization technology, the notion of isolation for security control holds tremendous promise. Using Web Isolation, all web code is executed on a remote host configured for security and data compliance. Web Isolation technology opens doors for various use cases, where it can be used and moulded.

With GDB Technologies’ expertise in Web Isolation, we can help you in the development of important use cases as detailed below.

   Isolation of local devices from the Internet

Isolating local devices and not allowing websites to load and execute on the local browser helps in preventing malware, phishing, ransomware and many more such web-borne attacks.

   Browser compatibility issues

Not all the users are using the same and the latest most up to date browsers which ultimately create browser compatibility issue and reduced user experience. Some of the functions based on new standards and features won’t work well. Web Isolation can be used to provide seamless and secure user experience regardless of user’s browser compatibility.

   Secure remote access to on-premises web-apps

Enterprises need to provide employees and partners access to on-premise enterprise web applications, even if they are remotely located. Remote access to these applications can lead to data loss, attacks on the application and other security challenges. Using Web Isolation, enterprises can restrict access to only authorized users and eliminate possibilities of attacks.

   Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Web Isolation technology can be used to provide protection against data loss by restricting copy/paste; file downloads and uploads, printing and other DLP policies.

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