Web Performance Optimization

In today’s technologically fast-evolving world, speed is making a significant difference. So is the case with websites. The degree of adoption of best practices to deliver optimized web resources is a result of the fact that slow loading and performing websites directly impact key business metrics such as conversion rate, user retention, and sales.

 Studies such as the one done by the Aberdeen Group, shows that:

A 1-second delay in page load reduces the number of page views by 11%, customer satisfaction by 16% and conversions by 7%.

With the rise in internet speed, users are expecting a good user experience while browsing. The ever-increasing demand resulted in emerging of Web Performance Optimization.

Fast and better performing websites lead to better user experience and engagement, better user retention and higher conversions.

GDB Technologies provide services to develop Web Performance Optimization solutions which optimize the web pages and enhances web application response time resulting in faster page load. We help you to develop a WPO solution that can perform in-depth analysis of web pages, so one can focus on what makes one distinctive. We also provide services to develop WPO tools for smallest Linux distributions such as alpine.

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